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Build scalable and production-ready infrastructure in Amazon Web Services with CloudFormation DevOps and the cloud revolution have forced software engineers and operations teams to rethink how to manage infrastructures. With this AWS book, you’ll understand how you can use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to simplify IT operations and manage the modern cloud infrastructure effectively with AWS CloudFormation. This comprehensive guide will help you explore AWS CloudFormation from template structures through to developing complex and reusable infrastructure stacks. You’ll then delve into validating templates, deploying stacks, and handling deployment failures. The book will also show you how to leverage AWS CodeBuild and CodePipeline to automate resource delivery and apply continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices to the stack. As you advance, you’ll learn how to generate templates on the fly using macros and create resources outside AWS with custom resources. Finally, you’ll improve the way you manage the modern cloud in AWS by extending CloudFormation using AWS serverless application model (SAM) and AWS cloud development kit (CDK). By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered all the major AWS CloudFormation concepts and be able to simplify infrastructure management. What you will learn

  • Understand modern approaches to IaC
  • Develop universal and reusable CloudFormation templates
  • Discover ways to apply continuous delivery with CloudFormation
  • Implement IaC best practices for the AWS Cloud
  • Provision massive applications across multiple regions and accounts
  • Automate template generation and software provisioning for AWS
  • Extend CloudFormation with custom resources and template macros